Hi, I’m Sariah.

I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life and having kids hasn’t made it any easier! Then my oldest entered her teenage years…and I found a whole new batch of reasons to be anxious! Unfortunately, she developed depression and I didn’t know how to help her.

For us, weighted blankets have been the answer. I wanted to try to help her and made one on a whim, and her results were instantaneous. She slept better starting that first night and convinced me to try it, too.

Our family has never looked back.

Money, sweat, and tears were spent trying to deal with those first attempts in creating Comforting Weight blankets. But in the end, we have a soft, yet heavy blanket with a washable duvet. Comforting Weight blankets are sewn with double strength seams and baffle box construction so beads stay in place. 

Weighted blankets have been proven time and again to improve sleep patterns, mental health issues, and quiet your brain. They work by using Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) stimulation, which similar to a warm hug or swaddling a baby, works to relax your nervous system and release serotonin.

Nighttime is when your brain and your body gets to rest, relax, and renew – letting go of the stresses of the day. When sleep doesn’t come easily, it is difficult for your body, mind, and spirit – and your immune system! Comforting Weight blankets were created to provide the contact and pressure your body craves to feel safe and secure for a sound night’s sleep.