Question: What are Comforting Weight blankets?

Answer: Comforting Weight blankets are weighted blankets that use a remedy known as Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) to provide an overall weight on a person’s body while laying, sitting or standing that can provide a feeling of relief and security.

Deep pressure touch creates relief for anxiety and stress by increasing endorphin levels and decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure. Deep pressure touch triggers the release of the neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These two neurotransmitters help to relieve the nervous system and provide a feeling of calmness and safety.

Deep pressure touch can be achieved by being firmly held, firmly stroked, being squeezed or hugged. A Comforting Weight blanket can also provide deep pressure touch, simply by cuddling under the blanket.

Question: Which weight should I buy?

Answer: The general rule when purchasing a weighted blanket is to buy one that has a weight that is 10%-12% of the body of weight of the person using the blanket. We have found that smaller children tend to still do well even with a heavier blanket because less of the weight of the blanket is actually spread on their smaller body.

Question: Who can use a Comforting Weight blanket?

Answer: Comforting Weight blankets are designed for anyone who wants help in dealing with the everyday stresses of life. Deep pressure touch calms nerves at the end of a long day. Weighted blankets have been proven to be helpful for people who have anxiety, insomnia, hyperactivity, restless leg syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder and much more.

Comforting Weight blankets should not be used by children under 2 years old or those with limited mobility who are not able to move the blanket on their own. These blankets should not be used to restrain a person.

Question: What are Comforting Weight blankets weighted with?

Answer: CW blankets are weighted with bpa free, food grade polypropylene plastic pellets. Our weighted blankets are made with the highest quality materials, baffle box construction, and filled with polyfill to soften and quiet the polypropylene pellets.

Question: What is the outer cover made of?

Answer: The outer cover is made with cuddle fleece fabric. To maintain the softness of the cuddle fleece; do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing and drying the outer cover.

Question: How do I wash my Comforting Weight blanket?

Answer: The outer cover can be washed and dried in your home washing machine. The inside weighted blanket should be washed on cold in a commercial washing machine, air dry the blanket or dry in a commercial dry on very low/air setting.

Question: Where can I find more information and studies about weighted blankets?
Answer: Great question! Here are some links and feel free to do your own research. DPT is very interesting stuff!
2007 American Occupational Therapy Association’s Annual Conference Presentation:


Question: What is Comforting Weight’s return policy?

Answer: If you find a problem with your order please contact us right away.  We love and value our customers so we will do everything we can to find a win-win solution.

If the blanket is in new and resalable condition the order will be eligible for a full refund minus return shipping costs.

After 30 days, we do not issue refunds, except in the case of manufacturer defect.

Email: [email protected] or call us at 267-888-6657